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Why a CCTV drain survey?

One of the many issues encountered with a drain problem is that not only are drains mostly underground, they’re also many metres of sometimes complex pipework. It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what the issue is, or where it has occurred, no matter how experienced your drain repair company is.

The benefits of a CCTV survey are three fold:

1. The issue can be found much more quickly and cost-effectively – we always seek to give you the best possible value for money service.

2. Other potential issues can be highlighted and resolved before they become more serious.

3. We can repair the damaged drain or clear a blocked drain faster, meaning less time that you’re living with mess or other results of the drain issue.

A CCTV survey is simple – using our industry leading equipment we set up a station to pass a camera down into the drain, reviewing the footage on a screen above ground. This maps sewer lines and enables us to see any damage and blockages, which are often the result of tree roots, industrial works in the local area, and just wear and tear over time.

The results of the survey show us where we need to access to carry out any necessary remedial work. We will never dig up the road unnecessarily and will always seek to repair and unblock in the least invasive manner – saving you money, hassle and mess.

A CCTV drain survey helps us to find a more minor issue before it becomes a major one, meaning that often we can repair damaged drains with resin patches and other solutions as opposed to needing to replace lengths of actual pipe – much cheaper for you and quicker, too.

Our focus is on getting the job done quickly to the highest possible standard, with minimal fuss.

If you are concerned about your drain, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will always do everything we can to help get you sorted as quickly as possible.

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