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Keep drains flowing this festive season

Christmas and New Year are a popular time for friends and families to get together. Even with the current restrictions in place, there will still be small groups gathering round the table for a festive feast. While the meals may be planned with meticulous detail, you may be paying little attention to what goes down the sink.

During the festive season, we are all home and cooking large meals more than usual. Therefore, Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) are disposed of down the drains. TurkeyBerg is the official Christmas term for the FOG that will gather in sewers following the Christmas season as people continue to tip fat, oil and grease down the sink. This has a disastrous effect on not just the drains on your property, but the drains for your neighbourhood.

Imagine you’re sitting one evening drinking a gin and tonic (or a lemonade!) with a slice of lime, few cubes of ice and a bamboo straw. What happens when a small piece of the lime gets stuck in the straw? There is a build-up of liquid on the other side. This is what happens when FOG enters your drain system; the FOG cools down, solidifies and causes a blockage.

Fat, Oil and Grease in their liquid form may not look harmful, but once in the drains, they are. Detergents and bleach may appear to work, but this is only temporary. When a drain becomes blocked and overflows, the consequences can be devastating. We can all play a part in maintaining the sewerage infrastructure.

- Turkey fat: Pour the warm fat into a glass jar and leave to cool. Next time you are roasting meat, vegetables or potatoes – put a spoonful of turkey fat on! Especially on roast potatoes, they will be out of this world!

- Kids crafts: Did you know fat, oil and grease can be used to entertain the little ones? Grab some pine cones, paint the FOG on the pine cone and hang outside as a pine cone bird feeder.

- If you have a small amount of grease in the pan, let it cool and wipe the excess grease off with a paper towel and dispose in the bin.

And whilst we are on the topic of paper towels and napkins – please don’t dispose of them down the toilet! Put them in the rubbish bin! The grease is still attached to the napkin and paper towel and will still solidify and cause a blockage in your drainage system.

Here at Rider Drains, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for both you and your drains.

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