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Drains and damp

England has significant rainfall during the year, we can go from blistering hot sunny days to a torrential downpour in a matter of hours. It’s no surprise that you can experience damp rising in your home. Damp can be caused by rain penetration and condensation in the structure of your home, but it can also be caused by your drainage system.

These are the most common signs of damp:

- Discolouration

- Cold walls

- Black speckled marks on walls and window edges

- Wallpaper curling and flaking paint

If you notice any of these in your homes, your first point of call should be to contact Rider Drains for an evaluation of your drainage system. But how can faulty drains lead to damp?

Leaking and Damaged Downpipes and Gutters – leaks within a drainage system are often signs of severe problems lurking below the surface, like broken and cracked pipes. This causes the water to move freely around the interior structure of your home.

Blockages in the Pipes and Drains – The blockage will cause pressure to build up on your pipes, which reduces flow efficiency of your drainage system. Resulting in the blocked water to force itself out of the pipe and infiltrate into your walls and floors.

Leaking Radiators – If a radiator is old or broken, they are more vulnerable to leaking. Leaking radiators contribute significantly to damp in the walls, especially during the Summer when the radiators aren’t being used and heat isn’t being emitted to evaporate the water.

Root Ingress – As roots grow and develop, the pipes become blocked and eventually break. And we know what happens to our home from a blocked and broken pipe.

Have you seen damp in your home?

It is essential you have your home checked by a professional to diagnose the problem. Our team at rider Drains can carry out an assessment, advise you on a solution and give you advice on how to maintain and care for your drainage system to prevent costly repairs in the future. Contact us here for further information.

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