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Collapsed drains – what are they?

A collapsed drain is literally that – where the drainage system has become damaged or has worn away over time, resulting in the pipe collapsing. This causes leaks, blockages, and whole load of mess and problems.

If there is a collapsed drain, it can cause significant problems both to health, property and if left unchecked, financially too. The longer a collapsed drain is left undealt with, the more damage it can cause. The old adage ‘a stitch in time’ is especially relevant here.

Water and sewage can seep into building foundations, which can lead to problems with structural integrity – this can be pricey to repair. It can also cause damp and mould issues within properties, again leading to additional damage and health concerns. But one of the more immediately noticeable and potentially dangerous issues from the outset, is sewage entering properties. It smells, it’s ridden with germs and it’s entirely unpleasant.

Collapsed drains are typically caused by three main things:

· Tree roots breaking through the wall of the pipework, which can cause a collapse but prior to that will most likely cause a blockage. This is an instance that can be avoided by maintaining trees and bushes, and ensuring that new plants aren’t sited near the drainage system.

· Ground movement, which can happen naturally over time as the land settles following building works and even through events such as earthquakes, but also through physical movement caused by humans such as road building. This puts pressure on pipes and can bend, shift and crush them.

· Wear and tear affects pipes, just like it dos everything else. Our drainage system is in constant use, subjected to huge volumes of water, chemicals and other items travelling through the network, gradually wearing away the actual pipes. Just like brickwork needs to be repointed and potholes need to be repaired, drains also require maintenance over time.

Roots in a drain

If you think you may have a collapsed drain, don’t delay in seeking help. Using technology like CCTV surveys, we can assess the problem and find the cause quickly, meaning that it can be resolved with much less upheaval.

If you should find that you do have an issue with a blocked or collapsed drain, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will always do everything we can to help get you sorted as quickly as possible.

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