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The benefits of professional drain cleaning

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

We all know the signs of a blocked, or soon-to-be, blocked drain. You need to plunge the toilet occasionally, the sink empties a little slower, drains outdoors are beginning to over flow and… the smell.

At the time, it may seem like a simple drain unblocking chemical from the supermarket may do the job, but without a thorough clean from a professional these small issues can build up into something far more severe.


The most obvious sign of a drain problem – the clog. If you let a slow draining sink turn into a clog, this is where major problems arise. Put quite simply, if you have a clog – nothing drains. No shower, no sink, no bath, no toilet. Lovely.

A regular, professional drain cleaning service will ensure that all clogs are removed and there is no risk of potential blocked drains.

The environment

A lot of over the counter-bought products contain many chemicals and pesticides that are harmful to the environment, not to mention potentially causing harm to the user if the instructions aren’t followed correctly. Using a professional drain company will ensure the safety of yourself and the surrounding environment, as well as giving you peace of mind that the drain is well-maintained.


Have a think about what goes down your bathroom drain – hair, soap scum, suds…and not to mention the toilet. And the kitchen? Grease, oil, bits of food, mucky dish water…

All of these items can get stuck in the pipe. As the food and organic matter begin to degrade, bacteria will eat it. This is what creates the odour that creeps up from the drains.

Drain cleaning eradicates bad bacteria from the pipes therefore, you’re able to take a shower in a bathroom that doesn’t smell like a sewer.


Leading on from bad bacteria, do you think it’s healthy to live in an environment surrounded by bad bacteria? Your family can develop numerous illnesses and infections when being exposed to these bacteria for a sustained amount of time.


Even though there is a cost for professional drain cleaning, we're still cheaper than a plumber to come to your home, assess the damage, fix the problem and any subsequent remedial works you may be liable for. Not to mention the time cost of having a plumber in your home, interrupting your day to day life and potentially not being able to use a room or facility in your house. A member of our professional drain cleaning team will have the drains clean and clear in a matter of hours.

Professional drain cleaning can prevent all of these issues occurring and in the long run, save you significant money. To discuss the benefits of using a professional drain cleaning company, please contact us.

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