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Drainage problems are usually the last thing on anyone's mind – until it happens to them.

And when drains do go wrong in Hartlepool, it can be a nightmare.

You need expert help, and you need an efficient drainage specialist who quickly resolves your problem with minimal disruption and fuss. That's why you should call Rider Drains.

With over 30 years of experience offering professional help in this field, we are your first and best option.

Drainage issues of all kinds can affect your home or your business at any time, and all of them bring inconvenience and stress that you don't need.

Let's explore these now and the drain services Rider Drains can provide.

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blocked drain

Blocked Drains In Your Hartlepool Home

A blocked drain in your Hartlepool property often seems to be a simple problem to fix, and in many cases, this is correct. However, these blockages can become too large to dislodge yourself. Hair, soap, dirt, cooking oils, grease, fat, food waste, and other substances bind together over the years, forming a solid bulk that just won't shift.

Limescale can also be a problem in hard water areas. Calcium builds up around the pipes, slowing down the water flow through the drain pipes.

Although there are ways to tackle this yourself, they aren't always successful. Many of the drain unblocking products on the market prove to be ineffective. This is when Rider Drains drainage services can step in to help you out. Our expert engineers will use high-pressure water jetting to clear the blockage in no time.

Slow Drain

The first sign of this problem is usually the smell, which is highly unpleasant. You may then notice water backing up in your sink or shower or when your washing machine starts to drain. The water flows away very slowly when you empty the bath or the sink, sometimes not moving at all.

If the drain is blocked completely, it could lead to flooding, causing damage to your home and belongings.

Toilet Unblocking in Hartlepool

Toilets can become blocked and make the outside drains smell with excessive amounts of toilet paper, along with items that don't belong there: wet wipes, paper towels, disposable nappies, sanitary products, and even kids' toys! Whatever the problem, it's not a pleasant task to deal with. An overflowing toilet is the last thing anyone needs, as you'll potentially have sewage contaminating your home. This problem must be dealt with straight away.

Rider Drains will take care of this for you, and our professional engineers will handle the problem quickly and efficiently. We're available 24 hours a day, so you can be sure that we're on hand whenever you need drainage engineers.

In many cases, we'll use high-pressure jetting for drain unblocking as it is a quick and effective method. You can find out more about this further along.

To discuss your needs further, call us today on 0800 086 2750

Drain Blockages Outside

As a home or business owner, you are generally responsible for any drainage problems inside your boundaries. This can be costly and inconvenient, which is why it is a good idea to have your drainage systems inspected by a drainage specialist periodically.

Rider Drains will send a local engineer to assess the condition of your sewer and drain systems. It isn't only about unblocking drains. Timely drain cleaning can save a lot of hassle and expense in the future by avoiding the accumulation of debris.

At Rider Drains, we offer outside drain cleaning services that will keep the pipes flowing freely for many years.

We can check for any broken pipes and fix them if necessary using the latest technology.

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Overflowing Manholes

Overflowing Manholes

This often happens during the summer months when there's a sudden heavy downpour. Local drain systems are unable to cope with the deluge, and manhole covers will lift up, allowing wastewater to surge through. Although broader issues are involved, the problem is made worse by blockages caused by an accumulation of debris or tree roots (see below).

As with plumbing issues and drain blockages in the home, the debris is usually 99% man-made: cooking fats, food waste, and disposable items that should never be placed in our water drains.

Who Is Responsible?

The first thing to do is check whether the cover is on your property and who is responsible. If it's beyond your boundary, then responsibility lies with your local authority. Be aware that businesses may face fines if it can be proved that materials from your property caused the blockage!

However, if the manhole cover is in your garden or on your driveway, it's up to you to get it sorted out, which means getting the experts in to fix the problem. Never be tempted to deal with this problem yourself. This is a dangerous environment that requires specialist equipment and safety training.

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Tree Root Removal Hartlepool

If you have trees on your property, there's a chance that tree roots can enter the drainage system through the pipe joints or damaged pipes. Attracted by the oxygen and water, the roots soon fill the void and collect debris, which blocks the drain.

Our engineers use high-pressure jetting to clear the tree roots. This is a highly-effective solution to clearing blocked drains, and it is also environmentally friendly. In many cases, it offers a 'no-dig' alternative. Excavation can be costly and disruptive, so high-pressure water jetting is an attractive solution or drain lining which is "cured in place pipe" (CIPP).

How Does High-Pressure Water Jetting Work?

In this process, a nozzle is passed into the blocked drain and pushed towards the blockage. Water is forced through at extremely high pressure, cutting through any debris or roots that are in the way. This method is capable of dealing with most materials: water cutting can slice through most solid materials, including concrete, resin, rust, and rubble! Roots will not be a problem at all.

As the nozzle slides through the pipe, the angled jets clean the sides thoroughly. Drain jetting is definitely the best way of clearing and cleaning a blocked drain.

Tree Root Damages

Drainage Services

We also provide an emergency drain service and will offer free professional advice to ensure that only the necessary work will be carried out.

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CCTV to survey

High-Tech CCTV Drain Survey Hartlepool

One of the best ways to check for problems is by using CCTV to survey and inspect your pipework. We use this method to assess residential or industrial pipe systems and undertake any necessary drain repairs.

As well as being damaged and blocked by tree roots and debris, drain pipes can also be damaged by roadworks or corrosion.

A CCTV survey will help us to determine how serious the damage is and to take appropriate action. We avoid excavating whenever possible, but a thorough inspection helps to target a specific area, keeping any excavation work on a small scale which minimises any upheaval you might experience.

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Septic Tank Cleaning

Although we do not offer this we know that older properties or those in rural areas are not always connected to the main sewage system, so they often have septic tanks. Some even have their own small-scale treatment plants.

These occasionally need cleaning or can become damaged over the years. They must also comply with UK regulations relating to hazardous substances contaminating the local environment.

Rider Drains trained engineers will inspect your system to see if it is up to standard and will undertake any necessary repairs. They also offer an effective tank cleaning service. If your tank needs replacing, our drainage engineers can advise you as to the best size and model for your property.

One sure sign that there's a problem with your septic tank is when you notice wastewater pooling around the area. This is accompanied by a foul smell, so you'll need to act quickly.

Leave It To The Professionals!

Tank cleaning is a hazardous job that should be left to a trained specialist. Toxic gases can accumulate in and around the tank, and these pose a serious health risk. Our expert engineers are fully trained in all aspects of handling these issues.

They can also handle any related tasks, such as surface preparation, floor preparation, and de-scaling pipes.

Septic Tank Cleaning

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The Effective Solution

Residential & Commercial Drain Cleaning

Whatever your drainage problem, Rider Drains has the answer.

Although we offer emergency callouts, you can help yourself by getting your drainage systems checked out today. Our local engineers are trained to the highest standard and will always offer the best solution for your individual circumstances covering residential & commercial drain cleaning.

It's often been said that prevention is better than cure, and when it comes to the plumbing and drain system in your property, this couldn't be more appropriate. It is always better to maintain the pipes and make small repairs rather than face the disruption and expense of fixing a major issue.

Even so, we are here, either way, to help prevent problems or to resolve them when they occur.

In most cases, high-pressure water jetting will resolve the issue in no time, especially if it's a simple case of drain unblocking. However, more complex problems may take longer as they require careful, in-depth work. The bottom line is that we have a reliable, professional engineer in your location waiting to help you.

Contact us today to discuss a cost-effective, practical solution to your problem, no matter how big or small.


Who is responsible for an external drain blockage?

It is almost always the homeowner who is responsible for unblocking any drains within your property boundary, beneath your home, in your garden, your driveway etc. These are all private drains. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to get any drains unblocked. In the case of rented properties “As stated in the Landlord and Tennant Act 1985, it is the landlord’s responsibility to maintain their drainage, pipes, and other areas of plumbing. If a drain becomes blocked through tenant misuse however, then the tenant is liable for the cost of repairs.

Drains that are located external to your property are called 'lateral drains'. Lateral drains are the pipes that carry wastewater away from your home and into a sewer. These are connected to your private drains, but they are not considered your responsibility. Lateral drains are publicly owned. If you'd like to speak to a drainage engineer for some free advice, we'd be happy to help.

Why is my drain blocked?

A blocked drain is generally due the build of fatbergs, debris, and inappropriate materials (e.g., sanitary products, wet wipes, cooking fat etc). Sometimes it can also be an obstruction like a tree root or a defect in the pipes.

Will bleach help a slow drain?

Bleach cannot dissolve built-up drain gunk. It cannot dissolve things like food waste, breadcrumbs, grease, and hair. Instead, pouring bleach into a clogged drain will make things worse.

Bleach is good for a lot of things around the home, but bleach is not good at unblocking drains. It is not strong enough to dissolve things like food, grease, and hair. It may even make things worse as it’s a thick viscous liquid.

Why are all my drains slow?

Your drains tend to slow down when there's a clog because most sewer line clogs do not suddenly block 100% of the pipe. Instead, debris accumulates over time, making it harder and harder for waste to move through. If all the drains in your home are starting to slow down, the problem is most likely a clogged sewer line.

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