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Drain Surveys & CCTV Drain Mapping

There are lots of different reasons why both our domestic and commercial customers need a drain mapping completed. Whatever your situation, our drain mapping service will provide you with an accurate and comprehensive map of your drainage system and drainage infrastructure.

Whether you are about to start a building project, you want up-to-date knowledge about your property's drainage system, or you need to locate any damage for a drain repair to be completed, our drain mapping and CCTV drain survey services will give you all of the information you require. Contact us today and our local engineers will help you with all of your drain survey needs.

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What is drain mapping?

We don't always know the exact infrastructure of the drainage system beneath our feet, and this is especially true of older properties. And sometimes, we really do need to know exactly what's happening down there. Conducting an underground survey is the best way to take a real look at your drain system.

Our state of the art CCTV drain survey technology can give you the fullest, clearest, and most accurate drain mapping survey possible. This innovative technology involves feeding a flexible cable with a camera attached through the pipe system. The camera records images and video so that the infrastructure of the drainage system can be precisely and accurately mapped.

Drain Surveys & CCTV Drain Mapping From Rider Drains

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What can a CCTV drain survey tell me

What can a CCTV drain survey tell me?

A CCTV drain survey can be incredibly useful for a wide variety of situations. Whatever your reason for needing a CCTV drain survey, we can advise you and complete the survey to a professional-grade standard. We have experience with the specific needs of both our residential and commercial customers so you can be sure that your survey will be right for you.

Building project

If you don't have up to date property plans and you are hoping to start some building work, whether that's an extension or other project, you run the risk of causing damage to the drainage system or accidentally encroaching on part of the system that doesn't belong to you.

Our CCTV drain surveys will give you a full picture of the location of your:

  • drain runs
  • manholes
  • lateral drains
  • invert levels
  • inspection chambers
  • water flow direction
  • connections
  • sewers
  • discharge points

Once the drain survey is complete, you will receive a comprehensive professional-grade map showing you every part of your drainage infrastructure, with site diagrams, and drainage plans.

This information is invaluable for starting building work because it will tell you where to add on to the drainage system, what areas need to be avoided, and whether or not you need a build-over agreement (more on this in the next section).

Without an existing up to date drainage schematic, a CCTV drain survey is really the only way to know for sure whether your building plans can be completed the way that you want them to be. Most architects would prefer to wait until a CCTV survey of the drainage system is complete before putting pen to paper with making site plans so getting one completed early in the process is always a good idea.

When you use Rider Drains for your CCVT drain mapping survey, a local engineer will work with you for the CCTV inspection with minimal disruption to your life or business. Whether you are in the construction industry or you are looking to make changes to your existing home, drain surveys and mapping will give you the accurate and up to date information you need before you start moving forward.

Build over drain CCTV survey

Not all of the drainage on your property is owned by you. Some of it will be owned by your local water authority or even private companies. Before starting any extension building work you need to know where the location is of any drains that are owned by someone else.

If the survey identifies any drains or other drainage elements that are owned by someone else, you may need to apply for a build over agreement before starting work.

A build over agreement is a legal agreement between you and the water company. In it, you guarantee that the extension work that you are planning will not interfere with a public sewer that is located underneath the construction work or near the boundary of your property. You will need to demonstrate that it won't affect the running of the sewer and that the water company will still be able to access it for repairs, maintenance, clearing, service, etc.

If you are unsure about whether you need a build over agreement, CCTV surveys are your best way of finding out. Once you have identified the location of any public sewers or drainage, you can contact your local water company to discuss the possibility of coming to an agreement for your construction work to go ahead.

This process may, of course, delay your construction project, but it is far better to know this information beforehand and come to a legal agreement than it is to find out after your work has interfered with the water company's property.

Home-buyers drain survey

Drain surveys are an important part of the home buying process. Your home is the biggest purchase most people make so ensuring that there aren't any expensive surprises hiding around the corner is key. The CCTV drain survey cost will pale in comparison to fixing any severe drainage problems later down the line.

Most home surveyors won't look into existing drainage systems as a matter of course unless there is a clear and obvious drainage issue. So it is well worth your while to have a CCTV drain survey completed before purchasing the property.

A state of the art CCTV drainage survey will go through the entire system and pick up on any damage to the drains. You will receive a comprehensive site survey that will give you a full picture of any structural damage or weak elements of the system, whether it is through poor installation or subsequent damage to the drains.

Our highly-trained drain engineers will also be able to talk you through the potential cost of fixing any damage to the drainage pipes or other parts of the system so that you will know exactly what the state of the system will mean for your house purchase.

CCTV drain survey for drain repair

A CCTV drain survey isn't just useful for building projects or buying a house. It can also be an important tool when it comes to drain repair issues. If you are dealing with a blocked drain, and you suspect that the blockages may be stemming from a structural issue or damage to the drain pipes or other drainage elements, an in-depth inspection of your system by drain experts will be able to give you the full picture.

As with a drain mapping survey, a drain survey for drain repair purposes will use a CCTV camera with live feed and recording capabilities fed through your waste pipes, drainage pipes, and anywhere else it needs to go. It will be able to precisely pinpoint any damage to the drain system, such as blocked drains, cracks, loose joints, etc.

From there, our drain experts will be able to give you accurate information about whether there is any damage and, if there is, what the best solution will be to fix it. The benefit of using a drain survey to identify the damage is that it is unobtrusive and won't cause you or your property very much disruption at all. It also has a much lower cost than using specialist equipment to dig down to the potential problem areas to find the damage.

If you think that your blocked drain may be caused by something more serious, and want more than a quick fix to clear the blockage, our local team of drainage engineers can conduct a thorough drain survey to identify the source of your drainage issues and work with you to find a solution that will fix them in the long-term.

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Why choose Rider Drains for your drain mapping and CCTV drain survey?

At Rider Drains, we pride ourselves on our excellent service and our commitment to providing our customers with the highest standard of professional work. That's why our drain surveys and mapping will use the very best of technology to give you the most comprehensive and accurate information possible.

We understand the different reasons why our customers need surveys completed on their drain system, and our team of engineers have the experience and training to be on hand to give you expert advice about every step of the process, including what may need to happen next.

Once you start working with us, you will have access to great service from an experienced team who will help you every step of the way.

Why choose Rider Drains for your drain mapping and CCTV drain survey

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Emergency drainage services

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Should I get a CCTV drain survey?

Drain surveys are important to carry out if you suspect drain blockages or damage to the pipework. It's also sensible to plan a survey if you're buying an old property to ensure there are no existing problems with the drainage system.

Does a house survey check drains?

A CCTV survey will not determine that a drain is watertight, but it will show and locate areas of damage or blockage. A CCTV survey can also be useful in determining the layout of a drainage system and identifying unknown / abandoned branches.

How long does a CCTV drain survey take?

A CCTV drain survey can vary in how long it takes to complete based on the length and the diameter of the drains. For a small system they can be completed within two hours. For a larger system it will take a longer amount of time.

What does a drainage survey show?

Your drain survey report will cover: Drain dimensions, chamber depth, direction of flow, use of pipework, pipe materials and structural condition.
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